Thursday, January 19, 2012

What I Wore: Lil Red Dress

 Outfit Details: Thrifted Red Dress / Handmade Headband by Kitten Paws / Thrifted Cowboy Boots

I recently thrifted this super saucy lil red dress that was supposed to be for the shop but I think I may have to keep it for myself! It's such a spunky dress. It demands WEAR ME NOW! LET'S GO ON DATES! LET'S DANCE! The crazy extra layer of hip poof definitely makes me wider looking than normal which makes me a tiny bit self conscious but I think it's okay. A lil bit more curviness would probably do me good ha.

Hope everyone is having a lovely day! Anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? :)


  1. aw you're adorable! thank you for all of your lovely comments x

  2. Andre - thank you, I love you too :-)
    Rachel, you are sweet and thank you for stopping by :-)

  3. Wow, gorgeous! Red is a great colour on you, it really makes your eyes pop.

  4. Sassy! That dress does demand LETS DANCE, and so do I ;)

    Love ya girl!


  5. that dress is super adorable. you have to keep it...and go on dates with it and take it out dancing.

  6. I like your dress !