Sunday, May 27, 2012

Phoenix Comicon

Yesterday I experienced my first ever Comicon! I'll admit, I'm not really into comic books or anime or Star Trek but I have boyfriend who is so I decided to go and see what all the hubbub was a all about and ended up having a lot of fun. I also went with my friend Anya (pictured as Sailor Moon above) who is a costume designer so it was  a lot of fun to see her get really excited about all the costumes and hear her perspective on costume design. We also played a fun game of collect all of the Sailor Moons (which apparently is one of the most popular costumes at comicon) and got photos of Anya and about 20 other Sailor Moons ha :)


  1. I went to my first comic con too about a month ago! It was a head trip. I wanted to see Spike from Buffy and the Weasley twins. Great costumes!

  2. I used to go to anime conventions. . .those were the days. . .I don't miss them. I do read a LOT of manga, but I don't watch anime at all these days. I figure after seeing about 600 different ones since the mid 80s, I've seen them all. . .
    Glad you had fun!

  3. Love that you both have been to conventions! A head trip is a great way to describe it ha :)