Tuesday, February 2, 2010

KittenPaws Photoshoot with Jess Watson


This weekend I had the privilege of photo-shooting with the beautiful Jessica Watson! We decided to do a more country look and just kind of started driving east and south into the heart of Gilbert and Queen Creek. We found several nice spots we'd never been too before and the sun light was absolutely perfect. At some point I stepped in quite a bit of cow poo which was quite unpleasant but well worth the shots...! Shortly after stepping in the poo we ended up meeting the cows which were grazing in the orchard we thought was abandoned . . . oh my! I wish I would have gotten some pictures, but we didn't want to startle them and for whatever reason we were kind of afraid of them. Maybe it's because a passerby had warned us to be careful of the "mad cows"!! Well maybe he said wild cows I don't remember. Overall it was a completely lovely shoot with lots of fun and adventure. Jess was a fantastic model and everything came out awesome. I'll be slowly getting all of these goodies up in the etsy shop over the next few days so stay tuned :)

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